Friday, December 12, 2008

Vampire Whores


44 Pictures Behind the Cut:

My day started with skipping class legally:

Then I went to the movies to see Twilight
with Lauren and Justine (FUNN!):

Sorry Lauren, This is too funniii.

Twilight: Was actually pretty good. I heard how it was all sucky, and the book was way better, so I figured it wouldn't be so good. But it really was! Maybe it's because I seen the trailer before I read the book, so I knew what all the characters would look like or something.

After the movie was over we took some pictures. I got a picture with justine in front of the movie screen, but it looked horrible, so i didn't post it. Then on our way down we took some pictures on the stairs. lolz

We walked around for a while & took some fabulous pictures. I look horrible but it was a fun night so I didn't care.

I'm somehow standing like a muscular kinda guy. lolz
(I messed up on my eye in editing & accidently saved over the original photo. Oopsies!)

Then they robbed my camera and went into the bathroom without me =/

Haha! I love you Lauren

PS: they're acting like Vampires!

Then we snooped around some more.



Then we went to Lake Anna and looked at all the pretty Christmas lights.

( Sorry Lauren. I didn't use any of your car pictures, cause I looked bad & I mean BAD. But thanks so much for being the photographer for tonight. Your Amazing! <3

Oh by the way, here's your shoes: )

We ended up taking 144 photos that night. By just going to the movies. Moral of the story is: Don't put Lauren, Justine & me together or it will be chaos. I'm extremely sorry for the lack of quality of these photos. I rushed when I was editing them and accidently saved them as the original versions so I can't re-edit them. I'm kind of bummed about that because I look so pale in these photos, and they just look horrible. But it was a very fun night so I'm posting them here anyways. :]



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