Sunday, January 11, 2009

Another Snow Terrorist !


I wish I had better things to do than to sit out in the snow holding umbrellas, standing on drummer seats, but unfortunately I don't. I really do wish I can put a dent in ECLIPSE today. I'm almost half way through it, and once I'm done with the whole series, I will be making a photo shoot out of it somehow. It will be the beast.

Justine should be coming back over again today to give me stupid pictures of a history project I'm doing. Good thing I only have one more week of school and I'M DONE! They should be coming Tuesday to hook up the computer which means I should clean my desk off, cause at the moment it's literally a desk of doom, (I always wanted to use that in a sentence). But just so you know it's going to be so weird getting home schooled since I never did it before. I'm going to miss all my friends like Lauren, Tori, Kyra, Sarah, and all those peoples I talk to.

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