Thursday, January 22, 2009

MALL DAY! & Homeschooling

Today was my first day of homeschooling and I loved every bit of it. I woke up like planned; 9 AM. well I finished early. Kinda 11ish haha. Two hours of school, love it!

Anyways after that, I went with my mom to Designer League for her to finish some shirts, then headed to the mall. Nothing big. Until we came out of Spencer's and we noticed this guy totally checking me out. Like a total dead giveaway. So he went into Abercrombie & Fitch. And I was like okay. So we kept shopping, and like forty minutes after the incident. We walk into Macy's and were coming down an escalator and I see the same guy walk behind my mom. So i get off the escalator and we see the guy like stalking me. So we walk around and were going in circles to like confuse him. And he actually knows exactly what were doing, so when I look back he gives me the cutest smile. And I was totally gonna wait for like when we got closer to plan my attack. But we lost him and I was so depressed. So if your out there and you're reading this and you followed me around Macy's; please message me cause i really wanna meet you :P

Anyways that was the highlight of my day. And now i must go talk to another cute guy.

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