Thursday, January 15, 2009

Web Cam O Rama!


Home schooling starts on Thursday which will seem extra weird. Oh, snow days, how I will miss you so much. My schedule will be to wake up around 8:45 am, start school at nine, and finish at 2:00 PM. So just remember when you're at school waiting for that last bell to ring, I will already be home and I will be in my pajamas. (Like I even wear any anyways.... 0_o)

There isn't anything much more to say. I've been extremely bored/confused but I promise I'mma start up with my projects soon. I need to go shopping for some stuff, and boots which will be $50 but I want them a lot. I just haven't started anything yet, cause the snow/cold has been keeping me cooped up inside. I can't wait for summer. I won't be home much when it gets warmer.


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