Thursday, January 01, 2009

Welcome Year 2009!

OMG! Two-thousand and nine will be ah-may-zing! I am so ecstatic! I got so many projects and personal things I want to accomplish and I need to get started right away. Good bye '08 hello '09! Will it be better than 2008? Well we'll have to see, but 2008 was a pretty darn good year if you ask me. I finally figured out who I truly am and I started a whole part of myself and my artistic side. I never had planned on making a whole new journal since I had my other one for only a year so far, but I decided I can start over once again and it will be more of a daily update type of journal instead of stories and pictures. I will be posting more pictures and videos none-the-less but I just want it to be a daily journal and not every other two days or something. If you want the link to my old journal here it is. But I'm probably not done posting in it.


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