Sunday, March 22, 2009

OhEmGee! OGT!

Thursday was indeed a day for photography but I didn't get to editing the photos yet, so it'll have to wait. We went to Giant Eagle to order Allison's birthday cake, and there was this dumb bitch in the milk isle for like fifteen minutes, talking on her cell. And not like that's bad enough, she had like twelve kids with her blocking up the pathway. It's like it was so hard for her to pick out some damn milk. People just cease to amaze me.

Friday I finished my OGT's finally, and then arrived home to take more pictures. I tend to take a lot of pictures, until I can get one I really like. But they didn't come out too well, so I won't be posting them.

Saturday I woke up and my father decided he wanted to take us all out to eat, which made us really excited since we never do anything "family oriented" like that ever. I made an attempt to dye streaks of red in my hair, but stupid enough, I took a shower after I dyed it and it all washed out. I noticed my camera was running on low and I wanted it to be enough for when we go out, so I turned it on and i was waiting for it to die so that I could recharge it again. Unfortunately it didn't die and I figured there must be enough battery to last me a while. But finally when we got to Longhorn Steakhouse it decided to die on me, so sadly no pictures from yesterday. The food at Longhorn was really delicious though. Everything we all ordered was fantastic. I definitely recommend going there if you have the chance. I ordered these weird things called Firecracker Chicken Wraps and OMG they were amazing. Indeed, You have to try them if you go there.

My friend Justine pointed out this abandoned cabin-like shed thing down the road, and it totally struck my interest. So that's probably where I will be documenting from in the next few days or so.

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