Thursday, March 05, 2009

Why Did I Get Home-schooled?

So I'm completely behind in my school work. I just don't seem to have enough patience to do all eleven assignments, even if they're due by March 13th. Speaking of school; I just wanted to say I am so much happier out of public school. My weeks fly by much faster because I don't have to stay silent all day. Some of you guys are asking me why I decided to get home-schooled. It's mainly because none of my friends are in my classes, and they're all going to the Wayne County Career Center next year and the year after. And I'm not going because they have nothing I need to take. They have stuff like mechanics, animal care, teaching, and nursing and others, but nothing I'm interested in.

I'm scared of the future, when it comes to moving out, and buying a house and stuff. I'm not like most people and I'd rather not go out there and get a job. It's not because I'm lazy. It's just because I won't fit in, and my anxiety will kill me. Maybe my sister was right. I need some anxiety medication.

My year is finally turning around. Good thing it's now and there are many months left in this year. I don't know why but last year September my life took a dump and I've been moping about it at home ever since. I need to start reading more, but my library card keeps adding up with book fees because I'm terrible when it comes to returning them. That also needs to change. Also the new Doylestown library is getting built so I'm sure there will plenty more books to look at, because my library right now sucks ass.

Since I was talking about things that changed after I got out of school. I just wanted to inform everyone I gained four pounds since I've been out. To everyone that knows/seen me in real life, you know I am like way TOO skinny. So anything I gain is really good.

I am so tired so I'm going to go to bed now. I'll post a more informative post in a couple days or so.

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