Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Adventure 2 Da' Mall

I'm in love with my new striped hoodie.

Today was a very busy and productive day and it felt nice to get something done. I got my OGT money Saturday so today was filled with excitement and shopping. I was awoken by my mother at 11:30 AM then I sat on the computer for about forty-five minutes. I got dressed and we first arrived at the thrift store, (yes I shop there sometimes), and I found a very nice woman's blazer that actually looked really nice on me. (Mother agreed) so I bought it. After that we went to Taco Bell and I got a mango strawberry Frutista Freeze (I freakin' love those things). Then it was off to JC Penny's in Rolling Acres Mall (which is usually always abandoned nowadays so it resulted in a lot of self-photography which can be found behind the cut!) There was an elevator there, and I always had this thing to do a photo shoot inside one, but this one was pretty lame, so I didn't bother doing a mini-shoot. We strolled around for a while and didn't find anything, so I did a semi-mini-shoot on the sofas (lolz - one of the pictures can be found under the cut). Then we pretty much left and went to Radio Shack so I can get my tripod (a bigger and more professional one than the one that I have now) and surprisingly it was on sale for $19.99. LOVELY! After that we went home and I mowed the lawn and then cleaned the house a little. Then me and my mom went for a nightly stroll down the road around nine-thirty. So yeah I got some good deals and got somethings done which is good.

I should be hanging with a special friend of mine soon so that news made things even more exciting today.

13 Pictures Behind the Cut:

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