Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Space Dementia



& you're not so get over yourself.

Just kidding.

My artistic side is coming back.

Working on a new photography studio.

Should be funnn :D

So Lately:

Yesterday I went shopping then spent the late hours in the basement trying to sew which was an ultimate fail. Plus the fact I thought I heard something outside and I didn't want to be downstairs alone 0_o

Been trying to conjure up some magical plans on what to do on July 4th because I usually just stay home. But this year I decided I wanted to go see some fireworks. Cause my towns too cheap so they don't set off any (LAME!). I'm hopefully going to see them with Kasey somewhere. We'll just have to see what comes up.

Been planning a new photography studio downstairs which will be ultra awesome. My mom's gonna let me convert her sewing room into a studio so I'm starting to gather supplies already. It's gonna be a bigger, more setup, more props instead of just a backdrop. We'll have to see how that turns out as well.

I've also been trying to make some dread falls. I know I'm a guy and all but I'm not planning on wearing them if they don't look good so no worries. So it's just a test as of now. But I have no patience whatsoever so it surprises me I have as many as i do already.

I'm really hoping the rest of this year will be more exciting and more socialistic. It's like I've been hiding from the public since January because I don't go out much. But hopefully I can change that. Hopefully.

I love Ashley Tisdale's new single "Overrated".

Today was another really special day hanging out with my Aaron. I actually got a lot of nice pictures that I'm really happy with. We hung out mostly on the trampoline just talking but we also went for a walk and other stuff. He also has a fascination with my fourwheeler lawlz.

I've gotten a few ideas for some modeling so I'm gonna be working on them soon. And I'm hoping they'll turn out better than my "Underwater Mermaid" photoshoot that I tried doing last week. I still don't know how I can do a Mermaid theme and it's so bad it comes out to being a present theme shot (i put it on my MySpace anyways if you wanna see it). I know I can do much better than that for goodness sakes.

Anyways I don't wanna make this post any longer so here's some nice pictures that I took today.

13 Pictures Behind the Cut:

don't fall >:F

Picture courtesy of me. Aaron should use it on his myspace.


Aaron's flip flops. I have a fascination with flip flops

Kasey's flip flops to prove it


need more days like these.


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