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Tale of Cry Baby Bridge

Every year our little town has a street festival called the Rogues' Hollow Festival. Rogues' Hollow is an actual place within our town that has a history rich in stories of the old days when our town was a major coal mining area. As the stories go, the hollow where the mines were located was so full of corruption, greed, and crime that people would go miles and miles out of their way on their horses and buggies to avoid the area for fear of being burglarized or murdered! Hence the name "Rogues' Hollow". Luckily, the festival has nothing to do with Rogues', just a great time to gather with friends and neighbors to enjoy live band music, a parade, games, activities, fair food, and local vendors. Rogues' Hollow is most famous for its classic tales and legends of mill ghosts, devils, and even headless horses. They actually used to call this area "Ohio's Sleepy Hollow". Of course there are so many different stories including the ones about the giant snakes, the Chidester Mill and the Chidester Hill, and the most famous "Cry Baby Bridge".

The legend of Cry Baby Bridge starts out in 1963 when a woman gave birth to a newborn child and knew she couldn't let her father know about her pregnancy; so she threw the baby over the bridge which fatally drowned in the water below. They say if you go to the bridge on the anniversary of Rogues' Hollow (a.k.a. the day we have the festival) at midnight, you can hear the baby's cry coming from underneath the bridge. There have been hundreds of stories about the haunting of the bridge; like if you turn off your car on top of the bridge you won't be able to start it. Or how you can sometimes see the mother's ghost walk around the bridge at night.


25 Pictures Behind the Cut:


Whatever the story may be, I went down to Cry Baby Bridge many of times when I was younger and never experienced anything of the paranormal. But in 2006 we went down to the bridge just to give it a visit, and I took a picture of myself pretending I was falling off the bridge and pictures of underneath the bridge. Nothing weird until I got home that night, and blew the pictures up onto the computer. Only to find something very strange to be floating around my head. Kind of like a ghost or fairy or something. There were no lights behind me since it was all forest around the bridge.

I cubed my ugly ass out, but as you can see, there's something very strange floating around my head. It's not a bug on the camera because it's clearly beside my head. Plus if it were to be a bug, it would be covering half the frame up.

closeup. What do you think it is?

We looked at the pictures we took from underneath the bridge and my mother pointed out a rock underneath that looked very much like a baby's head? Take a look yourself and tell me what you think!

Civic must've been scared. Hiding in the closet. lolz

After looking at the pictures, we were kinda freaked out so we drove back down to the bridge. By this time it was around midnight. We didn't hear the baby's cry but we took another picture of the "strange rock" but this time the rock didn't look like a face. Then we took another picture of the rock and my sister said this big skeleton head flashed up on the camera. I didn't see it and the picture didn't come out. It said error but the camera never did that before. So was it a ghost? or was it in our imagination.

As you can see, the face is no longer present. Which is ultra spooky.

I didn't return to the bridge after that until last year in October 2008 i finally went back in the daylight. I documented the area so here's some pictures from last year in the fall.


There's Cry Baby Bridge with the Chidester Mill to the side of the road. And where the road slants up in the background is the Chidester Hill which is really steep. I don't recommend you driving down it for you might loose control

Where the baby is said to have drowned.

Another view

Self portraits are mandatory

no more baby-like rock to this day

coal car replica next to the mill

"The Reaper"

Where you can take a tour around the mill and through the Rogues' Hollow. You can sit here on the tour and talk about the mill. I haven't been on the tour but I'm going to try to go this year if I can. I also don't have a picture of the back of the mill which is ultra lame because that's where the mill's water wheel was. It's not there anymore but I think I'm gonna visit the mill and the bridge again soon to take some pictures that I forgot to take before.

i played photoshoot clone on the bridge time

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