Thursday, August 20, 2009

Tied to a Railway Time Bomb




It took me a lot of energy to get that picture. I was awoken up around 5 AM and then started getting ready for the photo shoot I was going to do, once it got daylight down at the railroad tracks. I got my hair straightened and got it the way I wanted it to be. Then the sun decided not to come out so early, so I waited. It finally got sunny around 8:30 and by this time my hair was completely frizzy from the humidity. I wasn't wasting anymore time on my hair so I just took a hat (in case of emergency), a few ponytails, a mirror, my brush along with my tripod, all the way down to the tracks which is a very long walk from my home. I had to dodge the workers at Trusco, a few spiders, three trains, and a lot more craziness to obtain these photographs. Luckily, a few turned out well, from the two-hundred that I took today. I then decided the adventure shouldn't end there so I explored close to an oil well pumper. I didn't stay long there cause it started getting really hot, so I rested under the shade of the bridge for a while, then started on my way back home. I was so thirsty and it felt like I really was going to pass out. Once I got home I must've drank 4 bottles of water and took a shower and then fell asleep for six hours. What a day it's been, but I'm happy a good adventure came out of it, and a lot of videos that I will be going through another time.

In other news: I won't be here this weekend. I'm going over to my sister's house and we're going to a festival in Bucyrus. It's my first time going there, so I won't see anyone I know. But then on Sunday we're going to the Mansfield Reformatory, which is an old prison, and you might have seen it in the movie The Shawshank Redemption. I'll have tons of photos to post when I get back so get ready for those. :P

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