Thursday, September 17, 2009

& Enchanted She Became


n a mystical island, in a cave of ice, lived a beautiful girl. Her skin glistened with the color silver and everything she had ever owned was flawless. In her world of snow covered mountain tops, and glass ice covered walls; she didn't know anything other than perfection. Her silver and blue dress made her almost seem like some sort of magical fairy ice queen. She lived in the deepest and darkest part of the cave but all she ever stood for was beauty and love. She had everything she could ever wish for, except for a boy to call her own. She wakes up every morning, lying on the cold ice floors of her fortress of solitude, and still fights the tears of loneliness dripping down her face. She couldn't live without the coldness of the snow, but she often wondered what it would be like sitting underneath the arms of a handsome prince that kept her warm. She sat looking out into the island on her balcony wondering if anyone was out there for her.
      One day when she woke up, the feelings were worse than usual. No matter what she would do, nothing would make her feel better. She knew she was never going to find her true love if she never searched, so she grabbed her faux fur coat with the white tassels and the blue rhinestones, and set off onto her journey. She traveled and traveled, over the hills in her favorite snow boots, until she reached the end of the island. She overlooked into the deep waters surrounding with ice burgs. She sighed and knew this was the end of it. She sat down in the freezing snow with disappointment.
      As she wallowed, an old woman stepped into view. She was wearing a silver colored robe, and a white light that surrounded her.
      "Dear child," the woman spoke, "there is no need to cry. I can help you get across the ocean to find your true love". The woman explained to be her fairy god mother, and the princess was very relieved. "But you have to fall in love with someone before the stroke of midnight or it's too late."
      The princess took her offer and magically appeared in the city of New York, where she roamed the town for hours. Whenever she tried speaking to a man she thought of being the one, he was either too busy or not willing. Until the strike of 11:00 came and she sat down to cry, knowing she was too late. Someone then tapped her shoulders, to see if she was alright and she turned around to face the handsomest boy she ever seen. She felt overwhelmed by passion and enchanted she became. His eyes were the colors of ice and his pale skin shined in the street light. She invited him to her house back on the island and that’s where they went. From that day on she never saw sight of her fairy god mother. She didn’t need her anymore, but she knew she was still around watching from afar. And the princess felt warm at last, under the arms of her snow prince. They then lived happily ever after in the snow covered mountain cave made of ice.

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