Saturday, September 05, 2009


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I literally cannot believe it's almost Fall already. It seems like this year just started, and knowing we don't have many more months is beyond amazing.

I'm always so creative in Autumn, and my artistic side really comes out. I guess it's the weather and all the colours that inspire me. I'm gonna do so much this Autumn, it's gonna be crazy. I also started school again, and I'm actually really pleased with the schedule I got. I only have 3 classes this and next semester, but they're gonna be at a college level (a.k.a. more work) so it's nothing to be jealous about.

This Semester:
English III
French III
Math III (Algebra II)

Next Semester:
Family Relations
Science III

I'm currently reading The Shack by William P. Young.

Behind the cut is a video of Lil Wayne's video "Go DJ" which was filmed at the Mansfield Reformatory, and it shows A LOT of the building, so if you never been there, watch the video and it'll take you on a virtual-music-video-tour thing. I don't know...

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