Thursday, October 08, 2009

Life's a Blur


I did that photo shoot like a week ago, and I was going to delete these because they were blurry, but after a while I grew to like them. The blurriness really adds to the effect.

MY BIRTHDAY IS TOMORROW! I have an amazing photo shoot planned for it as well :D

I just can't believe I'm already seventeen years old. I know everyone makes a big deal about turning sixteen (which wasn't too great for me), but to me, seventeen is so much more conspicuous. In a year, I'll officially be an adult. Which means, I really need to start learning how to drive, so my parents don't have to chauffeur me around. I also need to be thinking about what I'm going to do in life. I don't have any clue on what career I want to do or anything. UGHH! I don't have much longer till I'm forced with the drama of being an adult. I'll probably do a lot of different things; like web design, portrait photography & editing, making a clothing line, and graphic design. We'll just have to see whatever life throws my way.

My parents are starting to save up for utilities and equipment to fix up the house. They want to finally fix the house up, and sell it by next year in summer. So I'm most likely going to move next year. (Which is also something I don't want to deal with, but ehh...)

I've been watching the 31 Days of Halloween on the Syfy Channel. I watched a strange movie about these deformed hillbillies that eat people. Very interesting. And then I watched another cannibal movie which made me really mad, because the hot guy got eaten in the end.

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