Saturday, November 21, 2009

Beyond Amazing!

Yesterday was actually a pretty good day. I woke up talking to my new friend Justin. We then went to Bed Bath & Beyond, where I took some epic footage of my random antics. Then after that we we went to the mall to go Christmas shopping (my mom's letting me shop for my own presents this year) and we stopped by Hot Topic to get a vest I wanted. They didn't have my size so they took the one off the mannequin and gave that to me. I payed for it, and they took the little security tag off and I started walking out the door. It started beeping and one of the workers came out and took my bag away. Apparently there was a second security tag inside the pocket which we didn't see. It was totally not my fault, & I did pay for it, but it was still really embarrassing for me. I got home and then we watched UP for the second time, because my sister hasn't seen it. Then I scurried back online, to talk to Justin. It was a fun and productive day though, and my new vest looks amazing on me. But I can't have it till Christmas *sad face*.

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