Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

"Ho ho ho, under the mistletoe. Yes, everybody knows, We will take off our clothes. Yes, if you want us to we will" - Lady Gaga, Christmas Tree

Every year my family really does go all out, and spends a lot of money on gifts. I practically knew 98% of my gifts this year because I picked them all out myself. The only thing I was truly surprised by, was the gift my father gave me. The rest were all clothes, that are pretty much amazing, and every item is sized perfectly (I tried them all on). My Christmas spirit really wasn't that high. We usually go out and look at lights or do some fancy event, but we didn't get to this time around. I still had a great Holiday and I appreciate everything that I got. Other than that, this season has been filled with glee, emotions, love, and many tears (good and bad). I have much shopping to do with all the money I acquired.

I also been working all December to get my old "happy" life back, and getting all organized for the New Years. I reorganized my music files on my mp3 player, cleaned my computer files rid of any viruses and spyware, finally catching up on all my schoolwork, & everything else which I am very happy about. Lately I've been feeling so productive, energetic, and just all over ecstatic. & I got my sleeping patterns back to a normal time so I don't sleep all day. This is great! I'm finally starting to see the end of this depression phase.

Also, big Kudos to my buddy Shone. :D

I'm starting to write a novel. You don't understand how many novels I tried writing, and then randomly losing interest, and giving up. This time will be different! I want to publish my own book series/novel someday, and my imagination has been at an all time high lately, so I will COMPLETE THIS BOOK.

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