Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The Little Lady Bug



He heard nothing but the drone of the voices behind him. He wasn’t looking back, and nothing was going to stop him from going on the adventure he’s been waiting for. His tripod case on his shoulder, messenger bag on his side, and camera in back pocket he departed, ready for anything. As he walked down the narrow road, cars passed him slowly. He felt awkward but kept on going. Farther down the street, almost a mile from his home, where the railroad tracks lay almost untouched. The sun was getting hotter, but he was prepared with lots of bottled water. He stopped next to the tracks, where a bit of shade was produced and sat down on the gravel, taking the camera out of his pocket. A small little lady bug landed on the back of his hand and he watched it with delight. Almost everything didn’t matter anymore, and he set all of his attention on the small beetle. Once it spread its wings and flew away he looked up to notice the weather was dark and ominous. How the weather changed so fast he didn’t understand, but he knew he must be going home quickly. He was still baffled how one moment the weather was hot and sunny, and the next was so dark and depressing. Rain started to fall and he started picking up his pace a little faster, disheartened by the day. He was almost sprinting as the rain got heavier, but he wasn’t moving. The road was still dragging on and on. Everything went darker, fog started rolling in, and thunder was roaring. The sky flashed with lighting, and he was still inches away from train tracks. He was getting frightened. Why wasn’t he moving? The wind was getting strong and the small little lady bug flew on the front of his shirt unable to out fly the wind. He didn’t know what was going on. He reached in his bag to grab for his cell phone, but it wasn’t there. Nothing was in his bag. He looked up; looking for a sign of help, but no one was around. All the houses that were once there disappeared, and he was in the middle of nowhere, surrounded with cornfields. He didn’t have any explanation of what was going on. The little lady bug was gone, and probably blew away with the strong winds. There was no way out, and he was lost.

But suddenly he had awoken, sweaty, but safe inside his bed. The sun shined bright through the crack of the window, and everything was perfectly alright. He let out a sigh of relief, realizing it was all a dream; a nightmare. He leaned over the side of his bed, reached into his bag and took out his camera. He turned the camera on, to take a picture of the beautiful crack of sunshine in his window. Once he looked at the pictures he just had taken, he found the most beautiful picture he’s ever seen in his whole life.
It was a picture of a little lady bug.

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