Sunday, April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

So, I got my haircut last Monday. It's a lot shorter than I hoped for, but overall it looks really nice. This picture makes it look much darker than it really is, but I kind of like it that colour.

If you remember me getting the Tomb Raider: Underworld game last year, you remember me complaining how bad the PlayStation 2 version is. So a week or so ago, I looked on and found a copy of the PC version for like 5 dollars. I ordered it, & got it yesterday. After a long, year and a half wait, I was so excited to play the good version of this game. Cleaned out my computer for space, & waited for it to install. And what happens? My f**king video card isn't good enough to play it. I'm pretty pissed. I've been playing Tomb Raider since I was thirteen, never had a problem buying/playing a game before, but this game doesn't want to work for me. I don't have enough money to go out and buy a PlayStation 3, nor do I have enough money to buy a whole new Video Card for my computer. Whatever. I'll just throw it in my closet, in hopes for one day to finally play it once I enough money to upgrade something.

In other news, I haven't been paying much attention to my photography, and instead been trying to make some new YouTube videos. Here's the latest video I made.
(Warning: It's kind of sad)


I upgraded my video editing software, and played with all the settings. I found out I can do stuff to my videos, that I didn't even know was possible. It's set up like Windows Movie Maker so it's easy to use, but it's so much more advanced and amazing and not lame. It's called CyberLink PowerDirector 8 Deluxe Edition, if you're interested in upgrading video editors as well. It's great!



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