Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Birthday Wishes

I'm sorry my posts have been extremely boring lately, with text and hardly any pictures. The weather has been rainy and dreary for the last couple days now and hasn't been a good start for my favorite month of the year. But hopefully my spirits will start to lift once my birthday gets here, which is in 3 DAYS! I'm so ready for this new life to take off. My sleeping patterns are also back to a normal time, but still needs tweaking. My hair is getting long again, but I think I will keep it grown out for a bit of a shaggy look.

I really want to see My Soul to Take. Looks awesome! Maybe this weekend?

I've also been neglecting my Twitter. Don't worry, I didn't die. I'm just starting to get bored with tweeting. I mean, I really have nothing to tweet about that people would want to read. Even if my life was fun-filled and adventurous (like it will be soon), I'm starting to find it pointless. Its fun to read celebrity tweets, but other than that very boring. Maybe I will pull a Miley Cyrus or John Mayer, and quit twitter or something. Haha, we'll have to see.

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