Monday, October 25, 2010

Most Special Day of My Life

* * *
today had to have been the most special day in my life. let's just say i traveled into the future to finally see my son as a teenage boy. we played basketball for a while. i've never been so proud of my son to find something he is interested in. i know that's a problem i always suffered from when i was teenager and yet there i stood, no older than seventeen years old. he looked exactly like me. his friend even got us mixed up. i always hated basketball, but now i know i have so many days to drive him to his games and i won't dread any second of it. he has so many friends, and i'm happy he's not as shy and quiet as his father was. he must get it from his mother. who is his mother? i'd like to meet her. his hair was more naturally curly but it was the same length as mine. we had so much in common. he even wondered if we were twins, seperated at birth and i could see no reason for him not to think that. we were like twins and i simply did not want to leave, but if i didn't the future would change, and i would do whatever i could to actually shoot another basketball with my son.

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