Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A Lil' Update

I've been meaning to make an update for a couple weeks now. I've been pretty busy lately and it's the holidays, so it's only going to get worse. So, bear with me.

This weekend was pretty hectic. We finally got a new HD flat screen for the living room. It's very lovely, and I'm happy we finally got the other piece of junk out of there. It gives us a lot more room. Anyways, my sister came over, so it was pretty fun hanging out with her. Saturday, we did a little bit of Christmas shopping up in Fairlawn. On Sunday, we planned on moving the new TV in, but it turned into a whole day process because things kept going wrong. I think it's just a family curse we have. We always have bad luck with things like that. We try to upgrade (like get a new TV) and everything just goes wrong.

I'm going to start vlogging. The really boring video diaries with me just talking about random stuff. I made a new channel for those, which can be found below. Hope you subscribe to those.

This winter/holiday season should be a good start of something new for me. I have a lot of projects and websites to build and fun stuff I want to get accomplished. I am hoping to start journaling here a bit more often, since I really don't do that enough. I'd like to just start documenting my life more, and hopefully start having some awesome adventures.

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