Sunday, January 09, 2011

Last Night's Dream


I was passing through this crowded house filled with drinking, sex, drugs, etc.
A house party. A really big house party.
There was loud music playing in the background. Techno.
An ordinary adult party. Everyone was having a good time, except for one guy. Me. I was running through this house looking for something, or maybe someone? Passing by, shoving people out of my way. I wasn't there to have a good time, I was too busy on my own agenda. After a long time of searching, I gave up and sat down onto an empty couch looking hopeless.
Suddenly, the lights started to dim, and the music got soft. More sensual. Everyone who was dancing dancing crazy, all stopped and started to slow dance. & I was still sitting there sad and lonely. I looked up at everyone slow dance like they were in a romance novel or something. I envied them.
After a while of song, a guy came over to me, held out his hand, and asked me to dance.
After a whole night of searching, I finally found what I was looking for.

Too bad I couldn't tell who it was that I was dancing with.

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