Monday, January 03, 2011

Welcome to Year 2011!


Welcome to 2011. The marvelous year I graduate and start living the wonderful life awaiting for me. This weekend was a blast! Went to Scott's and had a couple drinks with his buddies as we welcomed in the new year. I love going over there. I feel like I finally fit in somewhere.

I think 2010 was a year for music. Great music. A lot of my favorite artists released a new CD. But, I believe 2011 will be a year for productivity and the start of everything new. Lots of new experiences are in the future and I'm glad I will have a great boyfriend to spend those upcoming times with. I'm also going to get a lot of artistic stuff completed. I hope to be premiering a couple web shows on my YouTube later on this year, along with many other projects I have in mind. I am officially out of my emotional Rehab and I feel great. Depression no longer.

I've also posted a list of my resolutions a couple days ago. So you can look at those, and follow me as I complete them. I am still doing my 1-tumblr-photo-a-day project, even though I am skipping the first two days, since I was out having a good time, and didn't get any photos X_x

UPDATE: Decided not to do the 365 photo project on Tumblr. Instead, I will continue to post all photos I acquire, on here.

So anyways, you can follow me on Twitter, because I will probably start using it again. & I will be posting on here more often as well. So I hope everyone had a great New Year, and hope the best for the rest of the year!

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