Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Hello February!


i originally did that photo shoot for a reference. i wanted a before shot to see how i am going to physically change by the end of this year. it's not supposed to look perfect. i was just hoping to do the photo shoot before i got my haircut, but that didn't work out as planned. i was in need of one anyways, so i can't complain. i'm just happy i actually did a photo shoot.

i have also came to the conclusion that my journal is the only place i can escape. & not many people visit here regularly, so i'm free to post whatever i want without worrying what my family and (not-so close) friends think. (another thing i need to change before the year is over.)

i've been in complete hibernation mode for the last week and half, almost getting more than 14 hours of sleep everyday and then resulting in me feeling like a total zombie. it definitely has to do with the winter. i can't wait for the summer. although, we're in the middle of a huge snow storm so that makes me kinda happy. ironic, i know.

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