Sunday, March 20, 2011

First Day of Spring 2011!


as you probably have noticed already, i changed the URL of this blog to nathxngeorge. i originally wanted nathangeorge instead of nathanXgore, but it was already taken. so i found a solution and changed the 'a' to an 'x'. i'm pretty happy with the results. i also made a new YouTube account with the same name so make sure you (re)subscribe to that channel. i just wanted to start fresh and i will still be posting all my videos in the video page on here.

i have so many photos that i don't post here or that are out of order. i'm still debating if i want to post the photos i acquired this winter/these last couple weeks. i need to start updating more frequently when i take the photos and/or i have the memories.

last couple weeks i've been having major health problems that just keep spreading to other unexplainable health problems. and i honestly have no idea what's going on. we're hoping it's the change of season and just a coincidence everything's hitting me at once. nothing too serious though! just weird. but moving on, today was a really good day spending time with le famille. we went to the store and got some good food, and enjoyed some of the warm weather outside. nothing too exciting, but it was fun. plus Chipotle was involved ♥

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