Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Hay Journal

haaaay journal. i'm sorry for being all complicated and not making any sense in my last couple posts. i've been trying to get back into my abstract writing i used to be so good at. (misson completed.) but a lot has happened since i last made an update post so, i decided to do that now! yaaaayyyy.

first off, you probably noticed this journal got a bit (not a lot) of a makeover. i added a banner, which i will be changing every so often. and i also added pages! sweeeetness. i figured myspace wasn't coming back anytime soon, so i wanted to make a profile/info page like my livejournal used to have. so make sure to check that out! the video page is pretty much a collection of all the videos i'm ever in. even videos from different accounts or ones i make an appearance in. the tag page has all the posts i tag. and the random button takes you to a random post! not too hard to figure out. i've been thinking about making a whole new layout, because i seem to be getting bored with neutral colors. we'll see. i also decided to make another tumblr. (not like i have 50,000 accounts online, i needed another one... haha) But this one will have all the updates/pictures/posts i make from my iPhone. Sort of like a twitter account. So, if you wanna follow my adventures via mobile uploads, that's definitely the place to subscribe/follow me at:


and onto some personal news, my attitude is starting to improve about things. i just finished taking some medication that i can't really disclose of. it was for some health issues i was having but i seem to be doing fine now. so, nothing to worry about!

k bai tht's all 4 nao.

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