Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Welcome to My Jungle

one of my favorite places to go when i need to escape, are the woods in my backyard. it's the one & only place i actually consider my own. i think once i move out of my parent's house, this is the place i will miss the most. i had so much of a childhood down there with the secret creek, my fuzzy garden, and all the adventures with Bigfoot. yesterday it almost hit 70 degrees, so i took my first hike of the season down there and took some pictures to remember this wonderful place. it looks even more incredible when all the plants and flowers grow in. as of now it's not too fascinating, but i still consider it my hideout. not to mention, it's the only place in my backyard i can get some privacy.

12 Pictures Behind the Cut:

that's my Pocahontas tree. if you stand next to it, you can see the whole ravine down below.

"i jacked off to that tree yesterday. it was pretty cool. ya know..."

& here's a pic of me. sorry for my messy hair.

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  1. these types of places are BY FAR the best places in the world and it's really cool looking into yours and from your point of view. Oh and it makes me miss boy scouts :)