Sunday, April 17, 2011

I Was a Filthy-Rich Dance Instructor?

the other night i had a dream:

so i was back at the art room in junior high but i wasn't dressed like a student. i was the teacher. i was wearing a dress shirt, dress pants, nice shoes, and a tie. i told everyone to push the tables back, so we could practice our dance. oddly enough, we all lined up and started doing a dance. okay... but then the class ended and i departed. it wasn't a regular high school/middle school/whatever. this one was all fancied up with a movie theater, a mall, an aquarium, swimming pools and hot tubs. of course i tried getting into all that stuff, but i wasn't allowed. i had to be in the smart class. seemed like i was a student again. then i got lost and the lockers started getting really small.

the point of posting this here? well... i was an elegant dance instructor at a freakin' amazing school for a lil' bit. i guess i could live with that.

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