Saturday, April 23, 2011

New Computer! Lyyyyke Whut!


okay, so i got me a new computer! my laptop pretty much took a puke, i googled the problem & it says it's damaged. so until i can get it repaired, my mom's friend sold us this new(er) computer. it's not fresh out of the factory new, but it has Window's Vista compared to my laptop's Windows XP. i hooked it up to my HD 720p Dynex TV and it looks amazing! i still have to adjust to having such a large computer screen but it will be well worth the wait. bee jealous, bitches! this computer also has 120GB of space. i was definitely getting sick of filling up my 40GB laptop's hard drive every 20 seconds. overall, we're getting along pretty well, so far! i do have to apologize for the suckish picture though. it definitely doesn't do it justice.

tomorrow's Easter. i hope everyone has a good one!

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