Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Summer Plans & the Life of Luxury

the mood i've recently been in, is starting to make me sick to my stomach. probably has to do with the fact it's incredibly gorgeous out, and i have nothing planned. pity. my mother asked me if i wanted a graduation party this summer. i doubt it. all i need is another party filled with me and my close relatives i see almost everyday. i can see if it was a gathering of all my friends but the problem with that is, i don't have that many friends to invite. another pity. i'll just probably ask to go to Cedar Point or something.

this summer, i want to do something fun and energizing. my mood this winter has been seriously depressing, so i need something to lift my spirits before i go insane. i can honestly say, i haven't had a summer i was actually fond of. hopefully this year will be different. i have plans to have more "spa days", go to the carnival, and might even get a job.

lately, i've been deeply thinking about the life of luxury. as of now, i promise myself to have a fancy, elegant lifestyle in the future. i know it will take a lot of work, but i guess it will be worth it. all my life i've lived a simple and boring country-boy life. i'm so ready to give that up and exchange it for the elegance of what those guys in the GQ magazines live like. swimming in the sea of diamonds, i'm such a dreamer. i dream of the day i move on my own and live with my 100 cats yelling out my window at neighborhood kids.

i've been waiting for the weather to get warm so that i can start my spring cleaning. i usually skip it, but this year will be different. i seriously need to do something with my room. i'm in it 75% of the time. my health issues aren't getting any better either and i think it has to do with the change of seasons and allergies. i just learned today that i have an impacted wisdom tooth and i will need it removed soon. so not looking forward to that.

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