Friday, May 27, 2011

Back In Rehab ...

i apologize for my lack of posts and for neglecting my poor journal. i've been trying to get my life back on the right track. it's still not coming along very well, but i am starting to see the light. it's a good thing i suppose. i've been taking a little bit of time everyday, to just ponder and meditate over everything. i guess it's starting to help, but the constant bullshit mother nature gives us is still pushing it. (not to mention the sucky haircut i just gave myself today... haha) but my alter, Brendyn is definitely back, and doing what he can to pitch in. and for that i am grateful.

last day of high school is next Friday. it's crazy knowing i'm officially done, after 13 years of going to school (well 10, excluding the homeschooling). only now i'm expected to figure what i'm doing with my life, and where i go on from now.

i also survived the rapture last Saturday. as a Christian, i believe anything is possible when it comes to that subject. although, i wasn't really looking forward to it (if it was to happen), because i feel like i haven't experienced my life yet. even for October 21st 2011 (the new supposed rapture date) i don't think i'll be ready. but if/when it does happen, i hope i am one of people to be chosen.

where do i go on from now:
i don't know how much i will be updating in the next couple months, as i will be riding the road of healing. i'm totally finished with my depression and this time i truly and deeply mean it. i'm at a point in my life where it's pretty much do or die. although, if i DO post frequently, you will know it's working and i am recovering/starting the next chapter in my life. (because pretty much the more updates i make, the more stuff i'm doing aka my depressions going away). please please please wish me luck. i need it more than ever! and i really do recommend buying the new Lady Gaga album, Born This Way.

PS: i converted my iPhone tumblr to a twitter-like blog. i update that instead of twitter now, so i assure you should follow me to see what i am doing on a daily basis. i will no longer be using twitter.

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