Monday, June 20, 2011

Couch Potato

i've been pretty much a couch potato for the last 5 months. that, and enjoying my new PlayStation 3, which is totally bad-ass by the way. it just sucks because i bought it from Toys"R"Us thinking that was the cheapest route, and here i find it at Target for the same price and with a $60 gift card. just goes to show you, Target is cheaper/better than anywhere else i've shopped. also, my dads been hassling me to take me driving. in which i should do to get it over with, but i'm a natural born geek with no interest of learning how to drive. lolz you know you got it bad, when Justin Bieber knows how to drive way long before you do. i'm sure i'll have to force myself in doing so, in the next couple weeks.

in more interesting news, i got the best idea for the next big social networking site. i'm so excited this idea may work that i already started making the site, along with signing the papers, etc. i've always wanted to become the next "Mark Zuckerberg", but never thought it was possible. but after long hours of research the other night, it might just be easier than i thought :) stay tuned for more details. and keep your eyes open; i might just be on the news someday.


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