Thursday, June 30, 2011

I Leave Tomorrow Afternoon

today was a very unorganized, but busy and productive day. i went to Walmart to get some basketball shorts and i got three pairs for only $1 each. fuckk yeah!! i also managed to clean the house and my high school diploma arrived in the mail today. overall it was an alright day, although school did take their internet away. so now i'm forced to use WiFi, which is really slow but it's whatever.

yourBFlovesme: okay your iPod (it's a long ride), your photography camera, a video recorder, those black shorts you have, SOME SUNGLASSES, flip-flops (if so, trim your toenails now), a tank top, cologne & deodorant, Purell, a jacket (just incase the A/C gets a little chilly, i know how you are), extra contacts, like 4 shirts, and most importantly remember to take LOTS OF PICTURES! i don't want to miss a thing ;)

haha i love you Kate! my lil' fashionista :)

SO THE LOW DOWN: i'm going to Columbus this weekend with my sister for 4th of July. we're going to the zoo, going to a Sushi Bar, and then seeing fireworks on Saturday. it's gonna be a lot of fun. i do have to thank my sister though, for always giving me some sort of vacation. i should be home by Monday and will be posting lots of photos once i get back. see ya l8r :D

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