Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Even More Great Times Up Ahead

Once again I have found myself to be lacking at keeping this journal updated. I have though managed to finally move all my posts from my previous LiveJournal and post them here.

It's scary how fast this year has gone by. I really didn't do a good job at documenting it for this journal but I do have a couple photos I haven't got around to posting yet. I have to be honest though... this year has been the best year I've had since 2008. I wasn't at all depressed this year as I have been in previous years. No longer needed my alter ego Brendyn. My friend Jason probably has a lot to do with it since I no longer felt alone. I've managed to finally get out of the house a few times, spend the weekend over at my sister's house, go out to eat, and fortunately was able to do a lot of renovations to my room. I sold my four-wheeler and from that bought a new futon/bed, a new touch screen computer with Windows 8 installed, a couple glass-top desks and everyone a few Christmas presents. I can't explain the feeling I have right now. Utter enjoyment. Last few days, I've been waking up feeling so lucky to be having all this. I never thought I'd have all that I do and those people around me that I so deeply care for. I am a very lucky person and I have a lot to be thankful for!

I also cannot believe so many of my favorite artists have came out with a new album this year. P!nk's "The Truth About Love" is probably
the best album of 2012, in my opinion. There's even still more great times up ahead because of the Holidays. Like I previously stated, we always have Christmas either earlier or later because of my sister's schedule. This December we're having our celebration (opening presents, eating the dinner, etc.) on the 18th. It's going to be great because everyone's going to be here, including Jason. I'm hoping to acquire a lot of pictures for the lovely journal here.

Next year I want to get back into journaling a bit more and document the year ahead. I want to visit Jason's house more often and start making videos for YouTube. I'm also going to be doing my 365 Project that I've been planning so, for the last 3 years. Starting January 1st. No exceptions. I'll try to keep my time over at Tumblr and at my journal a little more equally, since I spent most of 2012 over there (It's a fun site what can I say). I got to get back onto a regular sleep schedule (yes, it's still the same -fucked up) for the new year and keep to it! I literally feel my biological clock cursing at me as we speak. I'm not going to make any resolutions for the new year this time around. As long as I keep to what I said above I should be happy. Next year is all about what I didn't accomplish this year. It's going to be all about having fun and treating myself to the things I need to get done. This year was all about living.. nothing else. Just living. And I did that.

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