Tuesday, December 11, 2012


Yesterday was pretty hectic! My sister came over Sunday because Allison had a doctors appointment on Monday. We all woke up early morning and my sister wanted to get Starbucks for breakfast. I didn't argue. We drove to Wadsworth and got some coffee. When we got home everyone got ready to go to shopping and to also stop at the doctors for Allison and other errands. We we're driving for a while on our ways to my mother's work (she had to drop some stuff off), and on the way there I wasn't feeling very well. Probably from not eating breakfast and having all that caffeine. Like legit vomiting feeling. I was getting worried I was going to puke in my sisters car and wanted to go home. But we were already too far from home to turn around now. So my mother handed me a plastic bag (to barf in if I needed to) and my sister gave me a pill she claimed was for "nausea". After a few minutes I started to feel less sick. When we arrived at my nieces doctor, I got out of the car and felt so drowsy. I was literally stumbling. My sister started laughing and whispered to me she really gave me a "Xanax". The rest of the day I felt so out of it, (I'm assuming that's what Xanax does) and felt like I couldn't comprehend much (too.. slow and drowsy). So when we were at Kmart I seen my high school French teacher and I decided I wanted to go say hi. Still under the Xanax I went over to say hello, red bloodshot eyes and all, and my teacher was totally freaked out. (I don't think she recognized me and thought I was just some stoner trying to hit on her). I was a little disappointed that she didn't know who I was, but went on. The rest of the shopping trip was the same. Felt really slow, drowsy, clumsy, almost drunk.

Then by the time we headed to Target and Kohl's it wore off and I started to feel normal again. We had to run into Kohl's to get my mother's gift so she sat in the car. The niece, Mellisa and I went in and bought everything (including my sister's friend's gifts). We were finally checking out and the total came to $153. No biggie to my sister since she had to buy the gifts regardless. As we we're heading out the door a Kohl's worker stopped us and asked my sister a couple of questions. I thought it was just one of those in store survey things and so did Mellisa. He asked us if we heard of the Win a Dream Receipt. A contest they are doing everyday where they pay for one person's purchases for that day. My sister nodded and he just said "...You're it..". My sister and I looked at each other and he added "You're the winner!" We we're in SHOCK! They took our receipt and payed for our purchases! My sister got her $153 back. We're still very surprised and it totally made our day/week/year as we've never won anything before. We will forever love Kohl's for that and my sister was so happy she was almost in tears.

We then went home, ate pizza and went to Walmart afterwards since my sister was still in overwhelming joy. But crazy day! It was awesome though and as I was just saying in the last entry.. I don't see how my year can get any better. I am a very lucky person. It's been one of the best Christmas's I've had, and it's not even over yet! :)

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