Monday, August 05, 2013

a SHORT letter

Dear __________,

Wow, I can't believe how long it's been. So much has changed since we've last spoken I feel like I could write a novel. You probably already forgot about me, but honestly I don't think I can do the same. & I don't even think I want to. I just wish I could go back in time to try it over again. I'd probably kidnap you so you couldn't leave this time around... haha. Anyways, why I'm writing this letter, you ask? Because..

I can't stop thinking about you and the days we were together, and how far we'd actually make it if we didn't do wrong. I'm sorry if I did wrong. But something is deterring me from moving on. I feel like I can write a million love notes, songs and letters dedicated to you. I'm stuck. I've met many people since you, and you're the one that passes through my mind every time they came around. I don't think I can ever meet someone else like you. We weren't together for long but I feel connected to you in some sort of magical way. Gosh I sound ridiculous. Let me just say, it hasn't been the same for me since you left. I feel.. different. Like how it's so impossible for me to think about someone in that special sort of way.

I can just imagine you being happy in a far off galaxy. You probably have a wonderful boyfriend / husband (or girl -no hate) and the memories of me probably already faded. I'd be more than happy for you! As long as you're happy, I could live with that. But somehow, maybe you're out there feeling lost as well. Like we have unfinished business to work out. I know I do. I just wish I had some closure or a second chance.

I don't want to say you have my heart.. but I think you might have my heart. & I'm saying sorry to myself for I don't think I can move on. If there's a chance you're reading this.. please please let me know. Because you have something of mine that I really need back..

♥ nathxn

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