Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Getting Organized & Miley's VMA Performance

I'm actually pretty glad I stopped using LiveJournal a few years ago. I occasionally check in on my old LJ friends and I noticed a lot of changes they made to the site, a lot of which I do not approve of. I do keep getting the urge to import my first LiveJournal (one I used back in 2008, even before nathanxgore) to this journal but it's mainly a lot of pointless stuff from when I was first learning Photoshop and photography so it would be meaningless.

No matter how much I shower, scrub, bathe & exfoliate... I will forever have greasy, disgusting skin. It sucks being a dirty boy.

A lot of organization has been taking place and I have even more changes to look forward to. I am in the process of completely revamping my lifestyle. I'm getting bored with who I am and what I do so I'm currently working on getting everything cleaned out so I can start fresh. I hope the future means well for me. I have a doctors appointment on Thursday to get help for my anxiety problem that still hasn't gone away. I figured I could grow out of it and better myself, but I'm finally admitting that I need some help.

Under the cut are my current thoughts about Miley Cyrus
& her VMA performance last Sunday:

I can honestly say I enjoyed her performance! I thought it was intense and very shocking, but nonetheless very enjoyable. I also do approve of her new look and who she is today. I think she's having a lot of fun and I can't help but to be happy for her. I'm in awe over her new music "We Can't Stop" & "Wrecking Ball" and I will be purchasing her new album, BANGERZ when it comes out this fall.

But I do think people need to chill out. She is a grown woman with her own responsibilities and she will make her own decisions whether you like them or not. We're all acting SO surprised about what she did on stage when she clearly showed us her new "personality" in the We Can't Stop music video. I don't think people should be calling her slutty and trashy, because we all know if Lady Gaga did the same thing it would be considered an "art form" and looked up upon. She's doing all this for attention and that's what you're giving her. This is her equivalent to Christina's "Dirrty" and Britney's "I'm a Slave 4 U". Nothing different. I find it completely ridiculous that everybody thinks hating on Miley is the "new black". I believe she's going to continue to do what she's doing and I am going to be continue being a fan because I have enough sense to HAVE FUN ALONG WITH IT.

Also her entrance, coming out of a large space teddy bear, was in my opinion -PURE GENIUS. Keep on with your bad self Miley! I'm lovin' it :D

Can I have one of those giant teddy bears? @MileyCyrus #MileyCyrus #MTVVMAs #VMAs2013 #RobinThicke #BANGERZ #WeCantStop


  1. Your an idiot if you think Miley's talented

  2. just stop talking about it