Monday, November 11, 2013

Peter Pan Syndrome


. . .
Here's an extra photo from Halloween.
Reppin' my inner Cas.

I am not at all ready for the Holiday season to begin. Everywhere we went to, they have been playing Christmas music and had decorations up. Halloween just ended... As much as I love Christmas and all, I just would like more time to get prepared. Christmas isn't just one day for me (two, if you count Christmas Eve). I celebrate it all season long. Basically from when Thanksgiving ends to New Year. It's about watching movies, drinking egg nog, seeing family and friends and going out to look at lights. So once the music starts playing and people start shopping is when I'd like to be "in the mood" or have Christmas cheer and I'm just not at all ready yet.

This weekend my sister and niece came over after a long hiatus of them being gone and busy. It was nice to go shopping with them and make pretzels (which were AHMAZING by the way). We went to thrift stores and to Wally World but we didn't buy much. We looked at some Christmas decorations (it was their idea, I was against it this early) and went to Five Below. I love it there! It's an amazing store and makes you feel like you're shopping at the mall but with dollar store prices hence the term, Five Below. I bought a new wristwatch and Scooby-Doo on Blu-ray. (Don't judge it's one of my childhood favorites and was only $5!) We also went to Hallmark where I acquired a cute and fuzzy pink owl beanie baby, because I'm literally an eleven year old girl. I seriously think I have Peter Pan Syndrome.

I'm not impressed by Lady Gaga's new album, ARTPOP. But in reality, I wasn't really expecting much.

It's almost been three months of being on Prozac and I couldn't be any happier. My face is starting to clear up and my schedule has been improving and I just feel like an overall new person which I was in dire need of. I have another checkup doctor's appointment here soon and to request more medication. I don't really want to go but that isn't because of the medication not working, but because.. who really enjoys going to the doctor's office?


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  1. hahah I love your costume it's actually fabulous! x