Saturday, December 14, 2013

Redoing High School

- I would just really like to say I don't think the 'Fluoxetine' font that I recently downloaded could be any more accurate. It just sings paranoia. Kudos to the person who made it because I'm thoroughly enjoying it.

Well, besides studying and getting better grades, I really wish I would have joined wrestling. I was always a fan of the sport. I never gave it much thought then because I worried too much that I wouldn't be accepted. But I should have put my middle finger up and tried anyways. It could have boosted my confidence level. I could have made friends and possibly went out with a cheerleader or something. I could have buffed up and gotten an awesome social life and career by now. Everyone thought I was a skinny loser wimp in school but I knew I wasn't any less skilled as everyone else. I just didn't show any interest. In fact, I liked playing baseball at home and I bet I could hit the ball farther than most guys in the baseball team. Just chose not to.

I also wish I would have cut class once just to say that I did.

My sister told me about all the times she would ask to use the restroom or locker only to feed her Tamagotchi. "What else could I have done? It would have died..." she says.

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