Sunday, February 02, 2014

Here's to New Beginnings!

So for the last few months I feel like a volcano erupted on the top of my head. I posted a lot of negativity in this blog lately and I do not want that at all. I feel like it was just a dry chapter in my life and I'm ready to move on. (It was nothing major, just mentally "not in the mood" since about November.) If that makes any sense. Anyways I'm moving ahead because 2014 is still very young and I still have a lot in store. Rant over.

Today I went to Target and picked up a Wreck This Journal book. I heard a lot of talk about it and heard it was great fun and a good way to step out of your comfort zone because you get to destroy the journal. BUT when I brought it home, I read all of the pages (the to-do's) and I am very disappointed. I'm going to try to return it. I didn't do anything to it and it's still in new condition. It's just super lame and could only be fun for a 1st grader. (It had stuff like: rip this paper out and use it as a napkin... ummm like okay how about no.) I'm just a little too old for it.

I've also been thinking about this blog. It's great fun to talk about my personal life and document it but I feel like I could add even more to it. I'm going to start adding new things like outfit posts (listed under the "Lookbook" tag), reviews, D.I.Y.s and just basic lifestyle things. I see a lot of lifestyle bloggers and it looks like great fun. It'll also be less boring for you because who wants to read about me all the time anyways?

So with all that said.. here's to new beginnings! :D

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