Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Another Dream Update

I had another trippy dream last night:

I was in English class. The teacher was Mr. McFarren but it was a different classroom than the one I was used to. We were all working on a project. I raised my hand and when I was called upon, I asked when the next time was when we were going to the garden field trip that we went to before. Nobody knew what I was talking about. They told me we never went to a garden. I tried to remind them by explaining it in further details; it was a beautiful garden maze game in which we split up in groups and had to find flags along the way. There were puzzles to solve and courtyards to explore and the first group to find all flags, won the game. They were still not convinced. "Sorry Nathan," they said, "We never went on a field trip like that". I continued my assignment in confusion.

Upon waking from the dream I realized the "field trip" I was asking about in my dream was a completely different dream that I had in the past.

It's so bizarre! How did my brain remember a dream I had once before inside a completely different dream? It's so weird how your brain can do things like that.

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  1. lol yep the mind is a mysterious thing.. about like having a dream and it comming true lol