Sunday, March 16, 2014

Crazy. Crazy. CRAZY Weekend.

Dannnggg what a weekend it has been! Pretty much non-stop action since Thursday and I'm very delighted to see Monday tomorrow. I'll start it off by saying on Thursday, I decided to go all Britney again and shave my head completely. The lowest I could possibly get the buzzers to go without taking a razor to it. I was very fed up having my hair as long as it was and I really didn't know when I could get a haircut so I just told myself YOLO and did it. Overall, it took a while for me and others to get used to, but I really like not having to deal with any hair. I also shaved my beard off because I would've looked like an old trucker if I didn't. Here is the result on Instagram »

On Friday, my mother and I drove to Bucyrus where we were going to surprise my niece for her birthday. We had to pull over along the way because we got this awful stench coming from the car which didn't seem too good. But nothing seemed wrong so we continued our journey and made it to my sister's house before Allison got off school. We decorated the house with streamers and balloons, wrapped presents and picked out a cake. Then when my niece got off of school we jumped out and surprised her. She was SO excited. (We wanted it to be a surprise so we lied and told her we couldn't come over because of the much snow we got, so she didn't expect us). We then hung out at my sister's till we went out to eat with her husband and his mother. We ended up going to a Mexican restaurant which was very packed and unpleasant to be in (with my anxiety and all) and the food I ordered wasn't the best Mexican food I've had. However, the waiters found out it was my niece's birthday so they made her a treat and put a sombrero on her as we sang Happy Birthday. She was very embarrassed but it was all good fun. When we got back we all went out for Strawberry Shakes from a gas station but they were very delicious.

Saturday was the busiest day. We all woke up pretty early and went to Chuck E. Cheeses where my sister had reserved a birthday party for Allison. Throwing a birthday party on Saturday at Chuck E. Cheeses was probably the worst idea we've ever had and it was so busy it wasn't even funny. There had to be more than 300 people there altogether. The tables were all packed together and it was the first time I've ever been there and it'll certainly be the last. SO MANY KIDS. SO MANY PEOPLE. ALL CRAMMED TOGETHER WITH MULTIPLE PARTIES AND CHAOS. All it turned out to be is a huge babysitting job for my mother and I. There were four kids that we had to watch over and they each wanted to do different things at different places and it was just so bad. After our time had expired we had to cash in our tickets which took like an hour by itself because Allison had so many. Add another 20 minutes waiting in the store line. Overall, I kept my cool as much as I could but it won't be happening ever again. But just when I thought I had enough kids for a few months, it didn't end. After Chuck E. Cheeses, Allison and Mellisa followed us all the way back to our house because Allison wanted to go to Build a Bear Workshop to spend her money. IT WAS PACKED WITH MULTIPLE LITTLE ANKLEBITERS AS WELL! She decided to get a stuffed bunny and when we finally came home after a hard day we ended it with cake and watched Frozen.

I love kids. I won't be having any but I can tolerate them no less. BUT IF I SEE ANOTHER LITTLE BRAT COME IN MY LINE OF VISION IN THE NEXT WEEK OR TWO I MIGHT JUST HAVE TO DEVOUR THEM ONCE AND FOR ALL. It's going to at least take that long to recuperate from all this. But I guess it was all worth it. My niece had a great time and an amazing birthday weekend which I am happy for so not all was lost.

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