Wednesday, March 12, 2014

What I've Been Up to Lately:

Well you could probably guess I'm still recovering from my dogs death. It's just so hard to adjust when you're used to a furry friend following you everywhere and him being home to greet you at the door. I miss him dearly.

Been sleeping a lot. I don't even know the time I went to bed last night or how many hours I slept but I woke up at 5 PM this afternoon. It's pretty much all a blur. Weird.

Mother made this taco burrito pizza thing for dinner by accident and it was SO good! I devoured it pretty quickly. #TACOEMOJI

Been watching movies hardcore lately with the family and managed to re-watch the entire Game of Thrones series. I'm so pumped for the new season. Bring on April!

Also been driving my mother insane from my constant (and horrible) singing of Frozen's Let It Go. I'm pretty much obsessed.

New Flappy Bird high score: 77 -#SUCKITBIATCH

^^ Been working on my Dothraki look.

Nikki thinks I should get a perm so my hair would look like Jon Snow's. I'm debating.

I have a massive Monster High post already planned in the future but just wanted to say whilst I was toy shopping the other day I finally found Viperine Gorgon! w00t — Even though I originally went out searching for the Disney Infinity Frozen figurines and Slo Mo. No luck with those 3 though.

I figured going on a blind date with a book would be fun. Until I got this:

^^ My expression says it all.

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That pleases me so much.

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