Monday, May 05, 2014

Meeting Danny

This is me with AN ACTUAL OTHEr hUMAN BEING. wOW Such a rare sighting! (I know, I must go out more.)

Anyways, yesterday a friend I met on Grindr (yes, I guess I'm that gay..) really wanted to hang out and I just couldn't say no. Naturally my first thought was Silver Creek, where I take most of my first dates. So we went and conquered all, then he got cold so we ended up going to Target where he learned about my doll collection and other secretive information. He also threw me at this other guy which I wasn't too happy about (with my anxiety shyness and all) and he felt bad so he bought me a K'NEX pink Yoshi that come in those awesome blind bags. Then we went to my house and ended the night by talking and just having a good time. It was really nice meeting him and I can't wait to see him again.

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  1. some people come into your life and leave a imprint of themselves that touch you... but as you meet new people those friends seem to get less and less important and shoved in the back ground it seems... most of us dont realize we do it.. but it happens, makes your friend wonder if their friend truely cares... It hurts but eventually u realize whos truely been there..