Monday, June 23, 2014

All the Other Stuff

While I was away, I got so bored with my look that I got plastic surgery to look like the one and only person that ever mattered:


No... but all joking aside -I stole that painting from The Louvre this weekend. It's the original copy. I swear.

I honestly believe I might have the most boring life than anyone else on earth. I've had nothing to blog about. I'm seriously getting so sick of everything. My life, appearance, hobbies, home, etc. I just wish I could use my Hermione's time turner replica and go back to high school and start over. I'd probably go into law. I love watching Law & Order: SVU and I think it'd be super duper fun to be a detective like Elliot and Olivia. Although, I'd probably be a better "internet/electronic detective" since I'm so good at cracking stuff online and finding secret information. I would be an excellent stalker if I wanted to be ;)

Anyways, I changed my blog name. You probably noticed if you found that the old name was removed. I don't know... this one just spoke to me.

Ohh and look at this super cute critter that is now in our possession:

We named him Bobby Rocket Rascal Snatch. We've had him since the 12th, got to pick him up earlier than expected and he's just the most adorable thing I've ever seen. He's so smart, sweet and is starting to learn a lot already. He's not exactly 100% potty trained yet but for being only 9 weeks old he's got it down pretty good. He's starting to go to the front door when he needs to be let out. He also knows a lot of words and responds to his name perfectly. Though, he's a little troublemaker when he gets hyper and likes to bite. But he's usually super gentle and shy most of the time. It's great having a new puppy and I'm loving every minute of it so far!

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