Friday, June 27, 2014

Same Shit, Different Day

We're currently getting our septic system at our house replaced. Something about the pipeline running in our backyard -the people are paying us to do it. We're not complaining since they are giving us a whole new septic system. The only downfall is our backyard looks like a dump. They brought in bulldozers and made a huge mess. Well anyways my mother went downstairs today and found the basement was completely flooded! (The first time our basement ever flooded -Doylestown is on top of a hill so we never had to worry about it.) She's furious, called the septic people and turns out the septic system backed up from all the rainwater we had in the last few days. So literally everything in our basement is covered in shit and piss water. So nasty! Thankfully, they came out and discovered it was their fault and is paying us for everything that got damaged downstairs. Funny though, my mother has like 20 tubs of material (which is highly expensive, may I add!) that she got from her old work and was going to use for doll clothes. She's pretty furious and hoping it won't get musty or else they're paying for all of that too. Just another day at the Baker household. Lots of bullshit! And literally too.

In happier news, my buddy Mikel came back over Wednesday evening which resulted in this amazing photo:

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