Saturday, June 07, 2014

'Twas a Great Time

Hello blog. Welcome to June (Fuck! Already?)! I seriously had no idea what to write about for the past month but that doesn't mean that I have forgotten you. Life has passed by handing me drunken moments with la soeur (fun but stupid decisions were made), quality time with the niece and family, meeting new friends and like always, great food.

Today specifically, I woke up around noon thirty to find a cute little Westie (not Civic) in my bathroom. My mother did a favor for her friend and picked up her dog Lulu from the groomers so we got to babysit her for a little bit. She's so adorable and looks exactly like Civic, just a tad smaller in the face.

And as we're on that subject, my mom has found someone who just had an adorable litter of West Highland Terriers from Dover, Ohio. Four girls and a boy to be exact. My mother got dibs on the male so WE'RE ADOPTING A NEW PUPPY THIS MONTH! Even though it's the same breed as Civic (my old dog) it is not meant to act as a replacement, nor will Civic ever be replaced. We just really love Westies and we know Civic would want us to have another companion to watch over us. We pick the little fella up on the 16th when he's old enough to leave his momma. We're super excited for the new baby to arrive and give him a great home!

Also today, I met my friend Mikel who is super tall and so full of life. 'Twas a great time indeed. I had Chinese food and ice cream cake (it was my dad's birthday) and just overall had a good day.

Until next time, make sure to listen to Pills N Potions by Nicki Minaj which is just freakin' fantastic!