Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Starbucks & Sparklers

For #TheadoreThursday we watched a movie called Bug from 2006. Super weird but in a good way. It's one of those cheesy $5 movies that I would actually buy just to make fun of. My mother said it was the worst movie she's ever seen but I disagree (The Final Patient takes that spot).

On Friday my sister and niece came over which always results in good times. My dad bought us some Twisted Tea and we stayed outside shooting BB guns at the neighborhood cats and bats. We also lit sparklers and shot off some cheap fireworks and bottle rockets.

Saturday my father gave all of us $20 (which none of us has worked off yet) and we went shopping. I found an Ever After High Dexter Charming (whom I have been searching for) and put him back like the big loser that I am. I ended up spending the money on Disney Infinity power discs and donuts from the bakery... (I suck, I know). Thankfully my sister cheered me up by buying me Starbucks.

- I am obsessed with the iced Green Tea Latt├ęs and everyone I know is totally grossed out by them. They claim it tastes like spinach juice which I never had before so I couldn't tellya. I think they taste green and super delicious! But try them with caution!

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