Thursday, August 28, 2014

Dungeon Party


This outfit is inspired by (but not imitating) Joel at who is indeed one of my favorite fashion bloggers of all time... and whom also shows that all-black can look super awesome and not only worn to funerals. I'm indeed ready for autumn so that I can start wearing more clothes like this without sweating like a mo'fo (which is what I was doing as I was taking this photo a few days ago).

So... lemme think what kind of life-update things I can update ya'll on. To start off with, I could honestly write a whole book about everything that happened to us this summer with all this septic/pipeline shit that is indeed still happening. It sucks. Our summer was ruined because of it and we're dealing with so much. I won't go into detail about it though... it's way too depressing for this blog. On the bright side, the weather in Ohio this season was beautiful with more perfect days than "hot" ones. But I'm still ecstatic that fall is on it's way, bringing pumpkin spice and sweater-weather back.

And also:

I got a new camera! Sony Cybershot WX80, which I immediately fell in love with and that's replacing my outdated Cybershot W120. I must give the W120 it's props though. It's been through hell and back, filled with sand, taken apart and been put back together and still manages to work like a champ and continues to take AMAZING photos! (Another reason why I love Sony cameras and recommend them when suggesting a new one.) I got this new camera though because I wanted to start making more YouTube videos and it has 1080p HD output.

Thanks for the 50 follows on BlogLovin'! :D :D

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Friday, August 08, 2014

Introducing: Follow Friday

I have a lot of life and fun stuff to update you all on, but for now I wanted to let you in something new I'm doing on my blog. On Fridays, starting next week I will be giving anybody the opportunity to be featured on my blog. I'll be reviewing your page(s) and/or basically be giving you a big shout out. If you'd like to be.

However, the catch is that I would also like to be featured on your blog/page(s) in a post or link or some form of shout out. I'm doing this to get more traffic and readers to your blog as well as to mine.

So if it sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know in the comments below. I can make a post about whatever you'd like. It can be a specific tweet you posted, or a blog post you want more traffic on, YouTube channel, etc. I'm very flexible and open as long as you return the favor :D

So LET'S GO BRING BACK SUMMER! *Cough* I mean... shamelessly advertise ourselves on each other's blogs... haha.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Throwback Thursday #5

For this Throwback Thursday I decided to go back to May 2nd, 2013. In the Monster High tag on Tumblr, there is a thing called "No Shame Sunday" in which people post shameless photos of themselves with one of their Monster High dolls. Being part wolf myself, I chose Clawd Wolf for that particular Sunday.

As of today, my collection is up to 86 Monster High dolls (and one Ever After High doll). I never actually shared my collection on this blog because I was planning on doing one whole post dedicated to it. But eventually they kept growing and the idea of photographing every doll (-or even taking them out of storage for one whole photo) sounds like a hectic process. One of these days though... maybe.

As a boy doll-collector, I tend to get a lot of weird looks and thoughts. I actually don't care and I will continue collecting them until I decide to stop. I love them and have been buying them since 2011. My first one was a wave 1 basic Frankie Stein which I found at Walmart. It was an impulsive buy but when I got home and Googled them, I immediately got hooked. This is my hobby rather than working on cars or playing an instrument.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Starbucks & Sparklers

For #TheadoreThursday we watched a movie called Bug from 2006. Super weird but in a good way. It's one of those cheesy $5 movies that I would actually buy just to make fun of. My mother said it was the worst movie she's ever seen but I disagree (The Final Patient takes that spot).

On Friday my sister and niece came over which always results in good times. My dad bought us some Twisted Tea and we stayed outside shooting BB guns at the neighborhood cats and bats. We also lit sparklers and shot off some cheap fireworks and bottle rockets.

Saturday my father gave all of us $20 (which none of us has worked off yet) and we went shopping. I found an Ever After High Dexter Charming (whom I have been searching for) and put him back like the big loser that I am. I ended up spending the money on Disney Infinity power discs and donuts from the bakery... (I suck, I know). Thankfully my sister cheered me up by buying me Starbucks.

- I am obsessed with the iced Green Tea Latt├ęs and everyone I know is totally grossed out by them. They claim it tastes like spinach juice which I never had before so I couldn't tellya. I think they taste green and super delicious! But try them with caution!



Sunday, July 13, 2014

Misc. Photography

Friday, June 27, 2014

Same Shit, Different Day

We're currently getting our septic system at our house replaced. Something about the pipeline running in our backyard -the people are paying us to do it. We're not complaining since they are giving us a whole new septic system. The only downfall is our backyard looks like a dump. They brought in bulldozers and made a huge mess. Well anyways my mother went downstairs today and found the basement was completely flooded! (The first time our basement ever flooded -Doylestown is on top of a hill so we never had to worry about it.) She's furious, called the septic people and turns out the septic system backed up from all the rainwater we had in the last few days. So literally everything in our basement is covered in shit and piss water. So nasty! Thankfully, they came out and discovered it was their fault and is paying us for everything that got damaged downstairs. Funny though, my mother has like 20 tubs of material (which is highly expensive, may I add!) that she got from her old work and was going to use for doll clothes. She's pretty furious and hoping it won't get musty or else they're paying for all of that too. Just another day at the Baker household. Lots of bullshit! And literally too.

In happier news, my buddy Mikel came back over Wednesday evening which resulted in this amazing photo:

Monday, June 23, 2014

All the Other Stuff

While I was away, I got so bored with my look that I got plastic surgery to look like the one and only person that ever mattered:


No... but all joking aside -I stole that painting from The Louvre this weekend. It's the original copy. I swear.

I honestly believe I might have the most boring life than anyone else on earth. I've had nothing to blog about. I'm seriously getting so sick of everything. My life, appearance, hobbies, home, etc. I just wish I could use my Hermione's time turner replica and go back to high school and start over. I'd probably go into law. I love watching Law & Order: SVU and I think it'd be super duper fun to be a detective like Elliot and Olivia. Although, I'd probably be a better "internet/electronic detective" since I'm so good at cracking stuff online and finding secret information. I would be an excellent stalker if I wanted to be ;)

Anyways, I changed my blog name. You probably noticed if you found that the old name was removed. I don't know... this one just spoke to me.

Ohh and look at this super cute critter that is now in our possession:

We named him Bobby Rocket Rascal Snatch. We've had him since the 12th, got to pick him up earlier than expected and he's just the most adorable thing I've ever seen. He's so smart, sweet and is starting to learn a lot already. He's not exactly 100% potty trained yet but for being only 9 weeks old he's got it down pretty good. He's starting to go to the front door when he needs to be let out. He also knows a lot of words and responds to his name perfectly. Though, he's a little troublemaker when he gets hyper and likes to bite. But he's usually super gentle and shy most of the time. It's great having a new puppy and I'm loving every minute of it so far!

Sunday, June 08, 2014

Disney Infinity Collection... for Now!

It took me since December to finally get my Disney Infinity collection completed. Well... not entirely completed, just the characters I actually wanted. But it was enough figures to get all the toys in the ToyBox unlocked (If you're not a player that probably won't make sense)! I am a big fan of the game and should be pried from it but a lot of my family members are pretty confused about it. They think it's a waste of money and doesn't have much going for it but I disagree. I still think a lot could be changed, added and whatnot, but still have fun collecting the figures and playing.

2.0 has been announced recently adding characters like Maleficent, Stitch, Merida & even the Marvel superheroes. I'm pretty excited!

My favorite within this bunch is definitely Elsa, who also happens to be the last to my collection. If you play Disney Infinity, who's your favorite character?

Saturday, June 07, 2014

'Twas a Great Time

Hello blog. Welcome to June (Fuck! Already?)! I seriously had no idea what to write about for the past month but that doesn't mean that I have forgotten you. Life has passed by handing me drunken moments with la soeur (fun but stupid decisions were made), quality time with the niece and family, meeting new friends and like always, great food.

Today specifically, I woke up around noon thirty to find a cute little Westie (not Civic) in my bathroom. My mother did a favor for her friend and picked up her dog Lulu from the groomers so we got to babysit her for a little bit. She's so adorable and looks exactly like Civic, just a tad smaller in the face.

And as we're on that subject, my mom has found someone who just had an adorable litter of West Highland Terriers from Dover, Ohio. Four girls and a boy to be exact. My mother got dibs on the male so WE'RE ADOPTING A NEW PUPPY THIS MONTH! Even though it's the same breed as Civic (my old dog) it is not meant to act as a replacement, nor will Civic ever be replaced. We just really love Westies and we know Civic would want us to have another companion to watch over us. We pick the little fella up on the 16th when he's old enough to leave his momma. We're super excited for the new baby to arrive and give him a great home!

Also today, I met my friend Mikel who is super tall and so full of life. 'Twas a great time indeed. I had Chinese food and ice cream cake (it was my dad's birthday) and just overall had a good day.

Until next time, make sure to listen to Pills N Potions by Nicki Minaj which is just freakin' fantastic!